Catherine "Cat" Seda

Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's Blog Time!

Okay, I gotta start blogging. Sigh...we marketers are always the last ones to get our own services, right? But what a great way to share information! So, here I am...

I'm Catherine (Cat) Seda, a 10-year Internet marketing veteran and author of Search Engine Advertising (New Riders, 2004). Mainly, I'm a freelance writer (and columnist for Entrepreneur magazine) and professional speaker (and instructor for eBay University). But stay tuned! In 2006, I might offer consulting & coaching again. Sign up for my free Internet marketing e-zine at and I'll let you know.

Fun stuff -- I love cats, spas and red meat. Oh! And I survived skeleton training at the Utah Olympic Park. It's like luge, but skeleton sliders race head-first on a sled down the icy bobsled track at 70-80 mph. Yup, insane. I'll probably tell my bloody tale in a bit.

Happy New Year and Happy Internet Marketing!
Cat Seda


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