Catherine "Cat" Seda

Thursday, January 12, 2006

5 Internet Marketing Affirmations's been one of those weeks. I was completely overwhelmed with my "To Do" list. Can you relate?

Deep in my despair one night I wished I could just say some magic word and in a snap everything could be accomplished -- just by thought alone. I started thinking about intentions and the Internet...and then it hit me! Internet marketing affirmations. No more work. I'll just meditate and all shall be done . Okay, it was late. And I was tired and cranky. I needed a sprinkle of silliness. Thinking about a few most common problems my clients face, here's what I came up with:

Problem: You have poor search engine rankings.
Affirmation: Google loves me. MSN loves me. Yahoo loves me.

Problem: Your newsletter is not reaching your subscribers.
Affirmation: I am no longer controlled by spam filters.

Problem: Your marketing, or web site, is not performing well.
Affirmation: I have the right to say these numbers suck

Problem: Your affiliates are spamming people.
Affirmation: I am free of partners who spam others.

Problem: Your technology isn't working right.
Affirmation: I am learning to let go and let the programmers fix it.

I wrote the last one for me, although you can use it too if you want. And worked! Well, I'll confess it wasn't the affirmation alone. After I shared my technology frustration with a colleague he reminded me to outsource stuff that isn't my core business. Oh yeaaaah. I *could* do it, but I was misdirecting my very valuable time.

What do you need help with right now?
Ask for it. On paper, out loud to the Universe, and/or from a colleague. Before throwing in the towel on a problem, ask to be shown the light. You might be surprised how quickly you get an answer.


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