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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Search Engine Advertising Edition 2

If you haven’t picked up the second edition of “Search Engine Advertising” yet, get it today and get $200 in free clicks from Microsoft (the coupon code is in the book).

I also want to give Kevin Lee, PPC expert and CEO of Didit, big kudos for writing the second edition. In 2002-2003, Kevin’s team at Didit helped me catch click fraud and broken tracking links in my clients’ PPC accounts. I’ve always been impressed by how much valuable information Kevin shares—especially his use of statistics and case studies. I knew he would give the book a new perspective (PPC has really evolved since I wrote “Search Engine Advertising” in 2003 and there are so many different ideas to consider).

May the second edition help you with your PPC strategy! If you enjoy the book, please tell your colleagues about it. And if you could take a minute to write a book review on, we’d appreciate it.

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Cat Seda


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