Catherine "Cat" Seda

Monday, February 26, 2007

Second Edition of Search Engine Advertising

Someone just asked me,

Will you be writing a 2nd edition to your 1st book to include the changes with Yahoo's PPC program?

Yes and yes. A lot of folks have been asking about my second edition of “Search Engine Advertising.” I hope to work on it later this year. Although many PPC tactics in the book are still valid, there have been some significant changes since the book was published in 2004 (like Yahoo!’s new PPC program). And in the second edition, I’ll cover more advanced PPC tactics.

Yahoo!’s new PPC program is mentioned in my new book, too. In “How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders” there’s a chapter on PPC. I cover: local search, pay-per-call, arbitrage and using PPC as a PR tool…topics didn’t cover in my first book. I hope you find these PPC tactics helpful!


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